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About Corciolli

From his early teens, he was interested in music. At the age of fifteen, he started playing the piano and later on studied classical and pop music, harmony and improvisation, and also participated in many bands and solo projects and turned to Jazz music as well as the typical South American styles such as Bossa Nova.

After buying his first syhth (a Roland Juno-106), he played in several festivals with innumerable rock and instrumental alternative bands of São Paulo (Brazil) such as Banda Azo and Celso Pixinga. With the band Espírito Cigano, he played several shows all over Brazil. After eight months, he left it in order to dedicate himself totally to its first solo album. After graduating in architecture, he founded the Brazilian record company Azul Music in 1993 and released his first solo album All That Binds. By this label, Corciolli owns the Sharp Award and the Internacional Award Design with the CD Girassol, from Ed Ribeiro Lima.

He also produced compilations for several Brazilian magazines such as Isto É, Planeta, Planeta Nova Era, AudioNews, among others. In 1996 he performed at Memorial da América Latina and recorded an album with the Tibetan Monks of Gaden Shartse, uniting sacred chants from the Buddhist traditions and western music.

His first release on the Oreade label, Unio Mystica, was the outgrowth of a very special project, introducing new techniques in recording and artistic conceptions, the union of sonorous atmospheres with his piano and keyboards, the vocal attributes of soprano Adriana Mezzadri together with Gregorian and Arab chants. This album received the Blessing of Pope John Paul II in 1997 and projected him in the European market. He also took part in a compilation called The Healing, with Vangelis, Kitaro and Enigma, among others. Besides this compilation, he also participated in others as Sacred World, with Lisa Gerrard, Hans Zimmer, Era, Sarah Brightman, Jon & Vangelis; Celtic Mysterie; Mystera 7; The Healing 3, with Yossou NDour, Clannad, Andreas Vollenweider and Dead Can Dance. Also, his Tudo Azul series were released at Ucrania and Russia, selling thousands of copies.

Praised by many Brazilian reviewers for his compositions, arrangements and recordings, Corciolli is considered to be one of the most remarkable Brazilian artists in his genre. He defines his preocupation, as an artist, to reedem an essence lost in the music, something that awaken the feelings of the listeners, transporting then to its interior world, by a full music and fascinating sound universes. His music prepares people for a new conscience. ~ Cesar Lanzarini

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