Dat Boi T

Tony Martinez, better known as Dat Boi T, is a Houston-based rapper affiliated with the infamous Screwed Up Click. Heavily influenced by UGK and S.U.C. founder DJ Screw, Martinez's music is often laid-back and relaxed, with funk and R&B influences, but with more aggressive lyrics about city life and hedonism. Martinez is the first Hispanic artist to be associated with S.U.C., but he resists being pegged as a Latin rapper, and his music has more in common with Southern rap in general than most Latin hip-hop. Beginning with 2009's Life in da Slow Lane, Dat Boi T began releasing albums and mixtapes at an astonishing rate, with over a dozen full-lengths arriving on SoSouth, Thizz Latin, and Steak 'N' Shrimp. These include several volumes of the What's Really Good and Thoed Essays series, as well as a few "chopped and screwed" releases. Beginning with 2004's Seven Years Later EP, his releases appeared on Slow Lane Records. The full-length Slow Summer appeared in 2016, followed by Slow Lane in 2017. ~ Paul Simpson

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