Denial Fiend

A Florida based thrash and death metal outfit with one hell of a pedigree, Denial Fiend formed in Valrico, FL, in early 2006. Combining their love of golden age horror movies and classic death and thrash, members Kam Lee (vocals), Sam Williams (guitar), Terry Bulter (bass), and Curt Beeson (drums) all gained experience with a number of previous bands, including some legendary outfits such as Down By Law, Death, Massacre, Six Feet Under, and Nasty Savage. A rehearsal tape acted as the band's first demo in 2006, and was followed soon after by a demo of a more official sort. The band's first ‘official' release, an EP entitled Dead Awakening, was followed by the debut full length, They Rise, in 2007. ~ Chris True

    Valrico, FL
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