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About Dinosaur Eyelids

Delivering heavy but melodic and heartfelt rock & roll in the tradition of the alternative rock boom of the '90s, Dinosaur Eyelids are a quartet from New Brunswick, New Jersey featuring vocalist Evan Staats, guitarist Patrick McKnight (who is also the principal songwriter), bassist Scott Staats, and drummer Mark Leone. Evan and Scott are brothers who've played music together since they were kids, while Patrick and Mark are longtime friends. Citing the Replacements and Soundgarden as key influences, Dinosaur Eyelids began playing together in the late 2000s, and they self-released their debut album, Winter Solstice, near the end of 2009. The hard-working band was soon a fixture at local clubs, and appeared regularly throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania as well as making occasional stops in New York City. Dinosaur Eyelids' second album, Down a River, appeared in February 2011, followed by Conflagration in October 2012. After more regional touring and sharing stages with the likes of Dean Ween and the Parlor Mob, Dinosaur Eyelids dropped album number four, Bypass to Nowhere, in December 2014. ~ Mark Deming

New Brunswick, NJ