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Founded in the early 80s by Dutch-born Hendrik Ostergaard, Dirty Looks released three albums on three different independent labels before achieving a major contract with Atlantic Records in 1987. Ostergaard handled both vocals and guitar, ably supported by Paul Lidel (guitar), Jack Pyers (bass) and Gene Barnett (drums). Their major label debut, Cool From The Wire, showed the band to be purveyors of straight-ahead, no-nonsense power metal very much in the AC/DC mould. Both the crushing style of guitar riffing and the vocal delivery of Ostergaard made comparisons with the Australian supremos inevitable. However, such was the energy and commitment the band brought to recording and live performances that their indebtness quickly became forgivable. The follow-up, Turn Of The Screw, was not as successful, despite critical acclaim. Bootlegs saw the band presenting the same style of relentless power boogie, albeit with a return to a smaller label.

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