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About Divididos

Rock band from Argentina Divididos was formed as a result of Sumo's breakup after its vocalist, Luca Prodan, passed away. The Latin rock act made its debut in 1989 with the release of 40 Dibujos Ahi En El Piso. At the beginning, even when the group had a new identity, Sumo wasn't forgotten. The band was always asked to play the old songs. In 1990, after Gustavo Collado left the band, drummer Federico Gil Solá took his place. A year later, Acariciandolo Aspero was released. After meeting producer Gustavo Santaolalla, Divididos moved to the U.S. to make their following album, called La Era De La Boludez. In 1995, Federico Gil Solá was replaced by Jorge Araujo, soon the group recorded a self-titled album, followed by 1998's Gol De Mujer and 1999's 10. That same year, the band celebrated its tenth anniversary, performing at Buenos Aires' Obras Sanitarias. Narigón Del Siglo and a double album called Viveza Criolla were released in the year 2000. ~ Drago Bonacich

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