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Also known as Rimbaudian, DJ Seinfeld is the most well-known moniker of Swedish-born, Barcelona-based house producer Armand Jakobsson. His tracks under both monikers tend to feature thumping house beats, sunny synth pads, reflective piano melodies, and heart-tugging vocal samples, all smothered in a thick layer of tape hiss. Some of his tracks feature rough, choppy breakbeats; he also produces jungle under the name Birds of Sweden. After his initial EPs received positive feedback, he made his full-length debut with 2017's Time Spent Away from U, followed by an entry of the DJ-Kicks mix series in 2018.

He initially started DJ Seinfeld as a temporary side project, so named because he found himself binge-watching the iconic '90s sitcom following a breakup. The moniker took on a life of its own toward the end of 2016, when the Season 1 EP was released by Lobster Theremin. The release's meme-like artwork and the jokey-sounding moniker, combined with track titles like "Feel de Bum Slap" caused many observers to question the artist's authenticity, and he was frequently lumped in with producers like Ross from Friends and the Winona Ryder-sampling DJ Boring as part of an ironic "lo-fi house" craze. Regardless, the media attention helped boost his career, and additional Seinfeld 12"s were released by Natural Sciences, E-Beamz, and Endotherm in 2017, with debut full-length Time Spent Away from U appearing on Lobster Fury in November. Following 2018's Sakura, an EP released by Deep Sea Frequency, Seinfeld's installment of !K7's long-running DJ-Kicks series was issued in July.


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