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Dmitri Matheny has had a dual career, as a soft-toned and tasteful flugelhornist who often emphasizes melodic ballads, and as an executive and talent scout for the Monarch label. Raised in Tucson, Arizona, Matheny was inspired to take up the trumpet when he was five after his father played him Miles Davis' Kind Of Blue. Although he was technically trained on the trumpet, Matheny preferred its mellower side and eventually switched exclusively to flugelhorn. He attended Interlochen Arts Academy and the Berklee College of Music and had private lessons from Art Farmer. Matheny graduated from Berklee in 1989, moved to San Francisco and formed a local group called SOMA. He debuted on record and on Monarch with Red Reflections in 1996 and followed it up with Penumbra and Starlight Café; the latter showcases Matheny in a trio with pianist Darrell Grant and bassist Bill Douglass. Dmitri Matheny displays great potential, both in building up Monarch's roster (he often acts as producer) and in performing the beautiful music that interests him. ~ Scott Yanow

Nashville, TN

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