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Formed at the beginning of 2013 when guitarist and vocalist Nicola Leel answered an advert placed by Essex-based drummer Jake Popyura, who was looking to start a band, the pair quickly developed a bond over a love of groups such as Sleater-Kinney, the Breeders, and Weezer. Spending their first six months together writing material, the duo enlisted the help of second guitarist Alex Sorenti to flesh out the songs. Doe's first recorded material came shortly afterward in the form of a limited-edition five-track self-titled LP, followed a few months later by the cassette release Summer 2013 on their own Keroleen Records, which featured a cover of the Pixies' "Gigantic." Spending the rest of 2013 touring the U.K. and Europe on the D.I.Y. punk and indie scene, often with Jake Popyura's other band the Exhausts, they released the free download single Late Bloomer that October.
At the beginning of 2014 the trio announced that Sorenti was leaving the band, eventually being replaced by Matt Sykes a month later. Another U.K. tour was scheduled and they announced the release of their second cassette, Sooner, as well as a split 7" single with Canadian outfit Taxa. In early October the group released First Four -- which comprised the band's first releases -- on Specialist Subject Records and Old Flame. Throughout 2015, the trio continued to tour the U.K., supporting the likes of Dogs on Acid and Pity Sex, as well as playing headlining shows themselves. Contributing to the four-way split EP Alcopop! vs. Dog Knights alongside Playlounge, Johnny Foreigner, and Doctrines, the trio also released a super-limited lathe-cut 7" featuring a cover of Weezer's "Susanne" and the single "Avalanche" on Fierce Panda.
In August, Doe announced they had parted ways with Sykes, and after a brief reunion with Alex Sorenti for tour dates, replacement Dean Smitten was drafted in. At the beginning of 2016, Doe headed to Leeds, U.K.-based studios Suburban Home to record what would become their debut album. A joint release via Specialist Subject and Old Flame, Some Things Last Longer Than You appeared in September of that year. For their follow up the band once again teamed up with Hookworms front man Matthew Johnson (Menace Beach, Martha), who produced the record. The first taste of the album came with the lead single "Heated," and Grow into It was released in September 2016. ~ Rich Wilson