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About Dolphin Midwives

Dolphin Midwives is the solo project of Portland, Oregon-based musician and artist Sage Fisher. Using harp, zither, electronics, and her own voice, she composes and performs ritualistic, introspective experimental music which explores themes relating to nature, technology, and magic. She initiated the Dolphin Midwives project during the mid-2010s, and released her vinyl debut, Liminal Garden, in 2019.
Fisher has performed as Dolphin Midwives at several west coast venues, galleries, and festivals, including PDX Pop Now and Debacle Fest. Her first release, Orchid Milk, was issued on cassette by Obsolete Media Objects in 2016. In 2017, Fisher presented NATURAPHONES, an installation featuring audio sculptures, performances, and dancing, at the Bison Building in Portland. Another sound art performance/installation, Break: Preparations for the Apocalypse, occurred at the Variform Gallery in December of 2018. Dolphin Midwives' studio full-length Liminal Garden was co-released by Beacon Sound and Sounds et al in early 2019. ~ Paul Simpson