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About Dover

An indie rock band from Spain, Dover was formed in 1992, making their debut with the release of Sister in 1995. Soon, they signed with local independent label Subterfuge Records, participating in a compilation called Stereoparty 2 with the song "Loli Jackson," and issuing an album based on stories about angels, demons, and biblical references called Devil Came to Me on April 27, 1997. That same year, the post-grunge foursome achieved an Ondas award for Revelation of the Year. After founding their own label, Loli Jackson Records, Dover recorded Late at Night, produced in the U.S. by Barrett Jones and released in association with Chrysalis on June 28, 1999. Their success continued into the new millennium when they won the MTV Europe award for best Spanish band and later their fourth album I Was Dead for 7 Weeks in the City of Angels appeared in 2001. Soon after they signed a deal with EMI after their own label, Loli Jackson Records, collapsed and subsequently released The Flame in 2003. The band went through a line-up change in 2005 when bassist Álvaro Díez left the group and was replaced by former Sperm guitarist Samuel Titos.

Five years later they returned with a new sound that focused heavily on pop arrangements and electronic instrumentation. The first record of their reinvention, Follow the City Lights, came in 2006 and their renewed style won over fans, both old and new. Single "Let Me Out" reached number one in the Spanish charts and second single "Do Ya" featured on the popular soccer game franchise FIFA 08. The following year a compilation of the band's greatest singles entitled 2 was released and they toured heavily with Spanish synth-pop outfit La Oreja de Van Gough to promote it. Another change in label saw them sign with Sony BMG in 2009, and their seventh studio album I Ka Kené was released a year later. ~ Drago Bonacich

Madrid, Spain

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