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Striking a bold stance with his muscular cut, grease-painted face, and signature devilock, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein is best known for his work with the Glenn Danzig-fronted, pioneering horror punk ghouls the Misfits. Born Paul Caiafa in Lodi, New Jersey, and the younger brother of Misfits bassist Jerry Only (Gerald Caiafa), Doyle served as a roadie for the punk legends before joining the group in 1980 at the age of 16. The Misfits disbanded in 1983, but in 1987, Doyle and Only founded their own group, the Christian metal outfit Kryst the Conqueror. In 1995, after years of litigation, Only and Danzig settled a legal battle concerning the Misfits name, allowing Only, Doyle, and vocalist Michale Graves to perform under the moniker, which they did until 2000, releasing two studio albums and one concert LP. In 2005, Doyle struck out on his own with a new project, Gorgeous Frankenstein, with whom he would release an eponymous album in 2007. Around that same time, much to the delight of Misfits fans, he began appearing on-stage with Danzig and burning through a short set of Misfits songs, which he would continue to do in the years to come. In 2010 he started a new group, Doyle, and released an eponymous album in 2013. In September, 2016 the Misfits reunited around a lineup consisting of Doyle, Danzig, Only, second guitarist Acey Slade, and original Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, and played a pair of well-received shows at that years Riot Fest in Chicago and Denver. Doyle's sophomore outing, Doyle II: As We Die, followed in 2017. ~ James Christopher Monger

Lodi, NJ
Sep 15, 1964

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