Dr. Dooom

Dr. Dooom is one of the many alter egos created by New York rapper Kool Keith. The Dooom character was created as Keith began to tire of his previous stint as Dr. Octagon, "killing" Doc Ock on "Who Killed Doctor Octagon?" the first track of First Come, First Served. Released in 1999, First Come was released on the Funky Ass label and was produced by KutMasta Kurt. It unveiled a warped persona with a love of cannibalism, rodents, and multivitamins, combining Keith's trademark eccentric style and conversational flow with these darker themes. Despite his intention to halt the alt-rap Octagon, Keith resurrected him in 2006 on The Return of Dr. Octagon. With the revival of his archenemy, Dooom also returned with an unexpected sequel with 2008's Dr. Dooom, Vol. 2 (Threshold). Featuring the track "RIP Dr. Octagon," the album also marked the return of KutMasta Kurt reprising his production role. Though Octagon reappeared over the years (most notably on Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Buried Alive" in 2013), Dooom retreated into the shadows. ~ Neil Z. Yeung

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