Founded in Bern, Switzerland, in 1996, Draven combined the works of Red (guitar, programming) alongside singer and songwriter Ashes. Guitarist Kinky and drummer Tek were the later additions to the set, finalizing the crew's lineup. Searching for inspiration in obscure marks of gothic rock, the Swiss team add visionary features based upon the expert commanding of electronic instruments. Draven ultimately follows a creative path in all similar to other major gothic- and industrial-style European acts such as Clawfinger or Rammstein. During more than three years, the Swiss unit played at some of the most celebrated local music clubs and eventually gathered a respectable legion of fans. In late 1998, the crew finally entered the studio, recording their debut full-length album, Paradiseisnowhere, which hit the record stores in 1999. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges

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