Dylan Scott

Hailing from Bastrop, Louisiana, country singer and songwriter Dylan Scott has a musical pedigree. His father played guitar with country artists Freddy Fender and Freddie Hart, while his great aunt was producer Tony Brown's piano teacher, and another relative, Marie Jarvis, played piano with the Blackwood Brothers and the Stamps. Even as a toddler, Scott could sing on key, and his voice developed into a deep, full baritone, and he was a proficient acoustic guitar player by the time he was 12. During his high-school years he toured the South with the gospel trio 11th Hour, and after graduating he headed to Nashville, where he worked construction and was a part-time fitness trainer until he landed a record deal at the age of 19. Scott released a self-titled debut EP, Dylan Scott, produced by Jim Ed Norman, in early 2014 with Curb Records. The EP contained "Makin' This Boy Crazy," a 2013 single that made some inroads on country radio, but "Mmm, Mmm, Mmm" didn't gain much traction in early 2014, so Scott and Curb started releasing new singles, including "Lay It on Me" later that year and "Thinking Out Loud" in early 2015. Scott finally started to earn play later in 2015 with "Crazy Over Me," which went into Billboard's Country Top 40. The summer of 2016 saw the release of his eponymous full-length debut on Curb. ~ Steve Leggett

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