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Epiphany Project is the duo of pianist/composer John Hodian and singer/lyricist Bet Williams. Hodian was born and raised in Philadelphia, where he began playing piano at 11. He received a master's degree in music composition from the Philadelphia College of the Performing Arts and also studied privately with Max Rudolf. He performed with both jazz and classical groups and became an instructor at his alma mater. Eventually he opened his own studio, Digital Sound, and began scoring films and television shows. He won an Emmy award for his score for a documentary about the sculptress Toshiko Takeazu. His film scores include Frank Capra's American Dream, Jag, Blades, and Girl School Mystery. He also made a solo album called Available Forms.

Williams was born at West Point, her father was a military officer. She grew up at army posts around the world, spending much of her youth in Germany and attending high school in Charlottesville, VA. She was given an acoustic guitar by her mother, a music teacher, when she was in the eighth grade and quickly began writing her own songs. She attended Penn State University initially as a music major, but graduated with a B.A. in English Composition. After college, she turned to music as a career and she has recorded a series of albums: Elephants and Angels, Building a Bed, Live at the Northstar, The Kitchen Door, Ooh La La, and Rose Tattoo.

Hodian and Williams met in 1992 and began collaborating occasionally. Their first album as Epiphany Project, Document (1994), was followed by a self-titled release in 2001. ~ William Ruhlmann