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Discharging a ferocious batch of punk rock tunes propelled by powerful signs of new wave and pop, the Epoxies categorically offer a daring punk mixture. Formed in Portland, OR, in 2000, the band features a five-piece lineup commanded by vocalist Roxy Epoxy alongside Shock Diode (bass), Viz Spectrum (guitar), Doctor Grip (drums), and Moxie Static (keyboards, vocals). The single "We Are Sold Out,", the group's first record issued via the Seattle-based Dirtnap Records label, confirmed the crew's inventive aptitude and audacious tunes, opening the way for the recording of their first album. In March of 2002, the Epoxies presented their self-titled full-length debut, again through the Dirtnap logo, confirming their recognition within the punk rock scene way beyond their state frontiers. The band next released Stop the Future on Fat Wreck in May 2005. Metropolis Records scooped them up in 2007, and released an EP titled My New World that August. ~ Mario Mesquita Borges

Portland, OR

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