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The gloomy synth pop of Eternal Death began as a solo project for Swedish musician/producer/label owner Johan Angergård. Known for his work with bands like Club 8, the Legends, and Acid House Kings, and also for running Labrador Records, this project takes a severe turn away from the sunny pop those groups are known for and into something darker and much heavier. After beginning work on the music, Angergård decided he didn't want to sing or appear in photos, so he began looking for someone to front the project. He decided on a young singer named Elin Berlin and the duo began working together. After releasing a video that was just the title of the song "Eternal Death," a black screen, and silence, their first actual song, "Head," appeared in early 2014 on Labrador. The rest of the year saw three more singles released, "Bullet, "Fade," and "Cry," followed by "Violence" in early 2015. Eternal Death's self-titled debut, which included all the duo's singles, came out soon thereafter that same year. ~ Tim Sendra