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About Eyes of Eden

Eyes of Eden were assembled in 2006 by noted heavy metal producer Waldemar Sorychta, whose lengthy credits list bands like Lacuna Coil, Moonspell, Tiamat, Rotting Christ, Samael, Sentenced, Therion, and Sentenced, as well as guitar-toting duties with old-school thrashers Despair, groove metal crew Grip, Inc., and prog-minded extremists Enemy of the Sun. Even with this busy schedule, the German-born Sorychta apparently still had some Eastern-flavored goth rock songs left over, so he recruited vocalist Franziska Huth, bassist Alla Fedynitch (also Atrocity, Leaves' Eyes, Disillusion, Enemy of the Sun), and drummer Tom Diener for Eyes of Eden and the recording of 2007's Faith album, released through Century Media. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia