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About Fat Apple

Fat Apple was founded in 1997 by drummer Dave Lawson and guitarist Scott Lloyd. Chris Pastore, guitar/vocals, and Ken Howard, bass, were recruited simultaneously at an audition after responding to an advertisement for players wanted, placed by the founding members. A few weeks after that, Barry T. Cooper (percussion/vocals) was enlisted and rounded out the current incarnation of Fat Apple. It was several months later that they decided that they had found the final lineup, as a few lead vocalists came and went before Chris Pastore took the position over permanently.

Since December of 1998, the band advanced in popularity and marketability at a rate exceeding many other bands within their home base in the Washington/Baltimore area. They began showcasing and booking gigs early on while they only had limited material to work with, thus was born the persona that many associate the band with -- a show based on improvisational workings. A year later, they had more songs in their repertoire, but the strength in the bands improvisational styling is what fills the venues that they frequent. Fat Apple's fondness for improvisation does not stop at the level of their music. In an effort to circumvent the "work your way up the ladder" philosophy of success in their region, the band put together totally self-sufficient shows which they dubbed "Appleland" and became known for taking place during the aftermath of many large regional music festivals. These usually began after the main act and lasted until near dawn. Appleland has become a regional phenomenon, and the last of the 1998 season in Brandywine, MD, was staged at the Third Annual Autumn Equinox Festival for a crowd of 5,000 fans. With the release of their self-titled debut album in 1998, Fat Apple has been the talk of the regional subculture. The band is currently working on expanding their following by bringing their show northward to New York and Pennsylvania. In August of 1998, the band left on a month-long tour of the south by visiting venues in North Carolina, Georgia, and as far south as Key West, FL. Fat Apple was voted Best New Band of 1998 by the area publication, Maryland Music Monthly. Fat Apple has shared the stage with Disco Biscuits, the Recipe, Juggling Suns, and many other acts. Each year they look forward to playing the Maryland State Fair. Fat Apple is always aiming to carry their music to the next level, which means hard work and a serious focus on what the fans want. ~ Larry Belanger