Felonious Bosch

With their name an obvious reference to the painter Hieronymous Bosch, Minneapolis band Felonious Bosch have a similar dark side. Veterans of several bands based around the Twin Cities, Drew Miller was bassist with punk-folkers Boiled in Lead, while drummer Renee Bracchi put in time with the Blue Up? and Machinery Hill. Nemo (aka Scott Nieman) was in Holy Goats, and tends to favor cittern and bouzouki over guitar, giving the group a distinctly different flavor that brings out a more medieval sound. Finally, singer Katy Thomasberg vocalized with the Collective. Formed in 2003, the core group initially recorded a limited-edition self-titled EP that mixed European music, medieval tunes and rock & roll. In 2006 they issued their first full-length CD, New Dark Ages. ~ Chris Nickson

    Minneapolis, MN