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About Felt

Felt initially started as a joke between friends Murs (from Living Legends) and Slug (from Atmosphere) after a discussion came up during a 2001 joint tour about who would have the best chance of sleeping with Christina Ricci. They eventually decided that dedicating an album to her would be most beneficial to their cause, and the next year, Slug went to L.A. to begin working on the project with Murs, taking only eight days to write and record A Tribute to Christina Ricci, which was produced by the Grouch and released in 2002. In 2005, after they realized that their dreams of meeting Ms. Ricci might never come true, Murs and Slug decided to focus their efforts on another celebrity, and A Tribute to Lisa Bonet came out later that year on Rhymesayers (a reissue of their debut also hit shelves simultaneously). ~ Marisa Brown