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Prolific singer/songwriter Kevin Patrick took on the name Field Medic in 2013 as a moniker for his lo-fi folk songs. Taking inspiration from self-imposed recording limitations, Patrick got more exciting results documenting his songs at home than he did working in more professional studio settings. He applied this intimate approach to a string of lesser releases before it solidified on his 2015 self-released debut album, Light Is Gone.
Patrick was active in music from a young age, beginning the group Westwood & Willow with his brother Sean when he was just 18. He had various projects before Field Medic emerged in 2013 as an outlet for his four-track recorded solo folk songs. Patrick's lo-fi approach included rudimentary recording apparatus and a self-imposed limitation of never laying down more than three takes of a song. Early on, his output was prolific, with multiple self-released EPs and largely improvised collections including 2013's Crushed Pennies and 2014's Fuck You Grim Reaper. A proper album arrived in 2015 with Light Is Gone, and Patrick soon gained traction with his hyperactive release schedule and consistent touring. He signed with indie label Run for Cover, which first released Songs from the Sunroom in 2017, a collection of lo-fi songs tracked in the sunroom of Patrick's rented home, some of which had previously been released on cassette or limited-scope EPs. Already deep into a colorful discography, 2019's Fade into the Dawn marked Field Medic's most fleshed-out album up until that point, including live drums and additional guitar overdubs rather than Patrick's usual minimal drum machine backing. ~ Fred Thomas