Fight Paris

The raucous Fight Paris first tested positive for sex, drugs, and rock & roll when Atlanta-based musicians Jason Krutzky (drums), Kevin Phillips (vocals), and Neil Warren (guitar) joined forces. Longtime lovers of Mötley Crüe, AC/DC, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, the trio blended their influences, added a modern roar, and four months later landed a recording contract. Lineup changes stalled the process until Matt Tanner (guitar) and Champ Champagne (bass) became official members in 2003. Packing up and moving to California came next, as did being dubbed "metalcore" by the press, although the branding didn't acknowledge the Southern and classic edge to the band. After a year and a half on the West Coast and no album to show for it, the band decided to search for another label and return to Atlanta. As soon as they set foot home, Trustkill was on the phone with an offer. The label had been introduced to the band's music by Fight Paris fan Aaron Marsh, an artist who designed many of Trustkill's album covers. The label gave the group complete freedom, and the band responded by ripping through the recording process so fast the album was ready to ship six months after that first phone call. The hedonistic and loud single "Destroyer" introduced the band to the masses in early 2006. The debauchery-filled full-length Paradise, Found was unleashed in the summer. ~ David Jeffries

    Atlanta, GA

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