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Beginning as alternative folk-rock group stationed in Brooklyn, New York and Portland, Oregon, Forest Fire soon expanded their horizons. After releasing their first EP, Psychic Love Star, Mark Thresher, Nathan Delffs, Natalie Stormann, and Adam Spittler issued Survival, their debut full-length, in 2008 via Catbird Records; the label's founder, music blogger Ryan Catbird, downloaded the band's music on a whim and liked it so much he wanted to release it. For their second album, 2011's Staring at the X, the foursome opted for a much more ambitious approach, incorporating everything from Krautrock to Television-style punk into their sound. Forest Fire returned in 2013 with a lineup featuring Thresher, Stormann, Galen Brenner and Robert Pounding; the band's third album, Screens, was inspired by '70s luminaries such as Joy Division, Laurie Anderson, Suicide and Kraftwerk. ~ Jason Lymangrover

Brooklyn, NY