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Thuggish and rough Dirty South rapper Frayser Boy was a late bloomer. The Memphis, TN, native came to the attention of Three 6 Mafia's Hypnotize Camp Posse through a friend who worked for the crew. Since his friend didn't have a car, Frayser Boy used to drive him to work and got to know the Posse. He eventually went to work for them in promotion, but in the background he was working on his lyrical skills. Three 6 were impressed and gave him a guest shot on La' Chat's 2001 album Murder She Spoke. Two years later the Hypnotize Minds label released his solo, full-length debut, Gone on That Bay. The title of the hard-hitting album caused some confusion. Some thought "Bay" was a reference to the Bay Area and that Frayser Boy was West Coast. "Bay" was actually a nickname for the highest cocaine-trafficking area of Memphis and the sound of the album was tough Dirty South. In 2005 he returned with Me Being Me, which included the party single "I Got Dat Drank" with special guests Mike Jones and Paul Wall. ~ David Jeffries

Memphis, TN

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