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Freak Nasty wrote an incessantly catchy crossover rap hit with "Da Dip." After the release of his first album, Freak Nasty, the Atlanta-based rapper seemed destined to fade away. Instead, he and his production team concocted the ridiculously simple and naggingly catchy "Da Dip," driven mostly by a bass groove and lyrical hook. The single was featured on Freak Nasty's second album, Controversee...That's Life...And That's the Way It Is, which was released in the fall of 1996. Over the winter and spring of 1997, "Da Dip" became an underground hit, eventually reaching the mainstream that summer. It stayed on the charts for weeks. Dowhatchafeel appeared the following year, and in 2000, Freak Nasty resurfaced with Which Way Is Up. Over the rest of the decade, he released the albums Freak Nasty World and Freaknotic/Crunk City. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

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