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A one-man project out of London, England, Fryars -- that is to say, Ben Garrett -- got his start as a drummer for the Aneneomie before setting out on his own. Fryars' first release, 2007's Ides EP, was conceived and played (mostly) by Garrett himself. Helping hands were found in the efforts of Robbie Stern and Max Bloom from Cajun Dance Party and Jack Steadman from Bombay Bicycle Club. Fryars shows started out rather small, with Garrett at the piano in an intimate setting. Two years later, Fryars delivered his full-length debut album, the '80s pop, psychedelia and EDM-infused Dark Young Hearts. In 2014, Garrett returned his sophomore Fryars effort, the ambitious sci-fi concept album, Power. ~ Chris True

London, England

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