Fungi Girls

Three teenagers from a small suburban town outside of Dallas, Texas, Fungi Girls started earning national attention for their surf-fused breed of detached garage punk long before any of them were old enough to drive themselves to their own shows. Made up of bassist Deryck Barrera, guitarist/lead vocalist Jacob Bruce, and drummer/sometimes singer Skylar Salinas, the trio formed in the summer of 2008, inspired by the lo-fi scuzz-pop of Times New Viking and Psychedelic Horseshit. True to the blown-out recording styles of those bands, Fungi Girls opted to record their first demo on a digital camera, capturing the audio with the built-in microphone and transferring it to extremely distorted MP3s. The demo circulated widely on the internet, and the band soon followed with a split 7" with Indian Wars and a cassette release (later released on vinyl by Play Pinball Records) of their first full-length Seafaring Pyramids. The band, still getting rides to their gigs with cool aunts and uncles, began playing shows outside of their immediate locale, eventually making down to Austin, Texas in 2011 for performances at both the Austin Psych Fest and South by Southwest conference. Several other 7"s precluded the release of 2011's Some Easy Magic on HoZac Records. This second full-length saw the teens moving away from the noisy lo-fi garage pop of earlier work and toward a more refined surf-garage hybrid, leaning more toward moody instrumental tension than energetic attacks of teenage noise. A west coast tour in support of the album was booked but subsequently canceled for undisclosed reasons. ~ Fred Thomas

    Aug 2008

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