Future Cut

Under the auspices of Future Cut, young lions of drum'n'bass 2D and D-Cutz have found heavy rotation in the digital underground. The duo met in the Manchester club scene and immediately had an explosive relationship, recording and DJing together across Europe. With the incorporation of jazz, funk, and the energetic traditions of drum'n'bass, they have created a distinct voice within the drum'n'bass community. Future Cut released their first self-deemed "ghetto style" drum'n'bass recording, 20/20, on Renegade Hardware implant TOV (Trouble on Vinyl) in April of 2000 and since then have released material with all three factions of the TOV family. Fairly obscure, their popularity in the underground is partially due to their ability to overcome the stereotypical monotony of drum'n'bass and use driving, distorted beats and intuitive bass-driven harmonic forms. Future Cut released the raw and hard-hitting Bloodline EP on Renegade Hardware in April of 2000 and quickly followed with the The Specialist/Razor's Edge on Infared in July of 2000 (which was unavailable as of 2001) and The Obsession/Tear Out Your on Metalheadz in June of 2001. Their Ghetto Style EP was released on Renegade Hardware in September of 2001. ~ Nate Cavalieri

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