A soft rock quartet from Barcelona -- think a Castilian Air with guitars -- Gallygows plays soft and melodic music without a hint of irony, and as such, they reveal the style's appeal to jaded hipsters who think they only like Burt Bacharach and the Carpenters for their kitsch qualities.

The quartet formed in Barcelona in 1996 when high school students Alberto Hernandez and Felix Rodes met. The pair formed a guitar/drums duo, with Hernandez drafting his brother Eduardo in to play second guitar and add harmony vocals. The group recorded their debut album, Into the Dessert Ice, in 1998, with a temporary bassist. Bassist and keyboardist Alex Loscos joined the group after that record and quickly established himself as the Hernandez brothers' creative foil, eventually contributing about half of the group's material. The 1999 EP Roller Disco Combo presented the new and improved lineup, and the 2000 album Give It to Her, produced by Jon Auer of the Posies, cemented the group's claim to be Spain's leading soft rock revivalists. The British psychedelia label Rainbow Quartz reissued Give It to Her in October 2001. ~ Stewart Mason

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