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Japanese heavy metal band Genocide may have take their name from a Judas Priest song (one of many groups to do so, in fact), but almost everything else about their sound was evidently inspired by the idiosyncratic and instantly recognizable work of Denmark's Mercyful Fate. Not at first, of course, since Genocide was originally formed in 1979, which was several years before King Diamond and his merry satanic men came along, but certainly by the time they released their debut album, Black Sanctuary, in 1988 after a two-year delay. Something of an obscure heavy metal gem in its own right, the LP nevertheless found vocalist Toshihiro Takeuchi emulating Diamond's falsetto vocals, while his cohorts, guitarists Kazuo Amaya and Kouichi Kawakami, bassist Shigeo Kawasaki, and drummer Yasushi Kojima, did their best to come up with unique sounding arrangements, in the same maverick spirit as Mercyful Fate. Unfortunately, Genocide's revisionist formula didn't seduce enough consumers and the band had folded by 1990 -- only to re-form with a new rhythm section (bassist Hiroki Motono and drummer Takeshi Hattori) for reunion shows in 1999 and an eventual live album, The Rites, in 2001. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia