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The French psych-pop band Gloria began as a studio project for guitarist Kid Victrola, who had been in other bands like Slow Joe & the Ginger Accident and Deborah Kant. Utilizing a traditional guitar-bass-drums-keys lineup plus a trio of female vocalists (Amy, Baby B, and Wendy), the group aimed for a sound that paired a girl-group-on-psychedelics trippiness with a Stonesy swagger. They hooked up with French garage-psych label Howlin' Banana and in late 2016 released their debut album, In Excelsis Stereo. The album piqued interest among fans of psych and garage, and the band began playing shows throughout 2017. Along the way they signed up with Ample Play Records, and the band's next release, 2018's six-song EP Oîdophon Echorama, was issued jointly by Ample Play and Howlin' Banana.

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