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About Goldrush

Oxford, England, quartet Goldrush makes woozy, dreamy roots rock that combines the West Coast country and folk-rock of Neil Young and the '90s shoegaze style of Ride. Centered around brothers Robin Bennett and Graham Bennett on lead vocals/guitar and keyboards, respectively, the band formed in the late '90s, eventually getting signed to Virgin Records. They released their debut album, Don't Bring Me Down, in 2002, although the label dropped them a year later. They rebounded with the self-produced EP Ozona in 2004 and its subsequent full-length version in 2005. Around the same time, the band worked with one of their idols, Mark Gardener of Ride, on his solo album These Beautiful Ghosts, of which they helped tour in support. In 2007, they released The Heart Is the Place. ~ Matt Collar