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About Good Fuck

Applying a collage aesthetic to an unhinged electronic sound, couple Jenny Pulse and Tim Kinsella conceptualized Good F**k while far from home in 2018. Pulse, who had a background in creating minimal electronic sounds and Kinsella, already decades into work with high concept rock groups like Joan of Arc and Make Believe, went deep into a week of collaboration that resulted in their first album.

Kinsella and Pulse decided to work towards a collaborative project, but when Kinsella suggested they flesh out some demos he'd been working on, Pulse felt they should instead start fresh. In March of 2018, they traveled from Chicago to an artists' colony in upstate New York and began working on music. They looked to the text of some selected books for inspiration, and programmed beats and synth patterns to go along with their cut-up vocalizations. This concept yielded lots of scrambled sounds, which were sculpted into 13 tracks for Good F**k's eponymous debut album. The record came out on the Joyful Noise label in spring of 2019, and the duo planned a tour around its release.