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London-based experimental collective Grumbling Fur was born out of a daylong group improvisation that occurred in 2011. Like-minded players Daniel O'Sullivan, Antti Uusimaki, Alexander Tucker, Jussi Lehtisalo, and David Smith came together, having known each other from playing in similarly dark and experimental bands like Pharoah Overlord, Guapo, and Mothlite, among many others. The Krautrock-inspired astral traveling put to tape that day was eventually edited and released as Furrier. Stripping down the collective group to just O'Sullivan and Tucker, Grumbling Fur returned in 2012 with Alice, a more spacious and pop-oriented outing recorded as part of the Latitudes in-studio series. The duo returned in 2013 with the finely honed and highly electronic Glynnaestra, moving even closer to electropop. They continued to weave a blend of abstract experimentalism and Brian Eno-inflected science pop on 2014's Preternaturals (issued by The Quietus). In 2015, Important Records released ggrrreeebbbaaammmnnnuuuccckkkaaaiiioooww!!!, a collaboration between Grumbling Fur (billed as the Grumbling Fur Time Machine Orchestra) and legendary minimalist composer Charlemagne Palestine. Grumbling Fur returned to Thrill Jockey for their poppiest album yet, 2016's FurFour. ~ Fred Thomas

London, England

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