Guido Belcanto

Born in Turnhout in 1953, Belgian rock veteran Guido Belcanto began his career fronting Speedy King & His Feetwarmers and the Gigolo's before embarking on a solo career in 1989 with the hit single "Droevig Is Deze Wereld." After presenting several TV shows on his second passion, cycling, and publishing two novels, he joined forces with Lady Angelina, Vitalski, and Decaporgel to create the stage show Balzaal der Gebroken Harten. In 2011, he signed to Dutch label Top Notch, previously renowned for their roster of hip-hop artists, where he released Top 20 album Een Man Als Ik. ~ Jon O'Brien

    Turnhout, Belgium
  • BORN
    May 23, 1953

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