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The Washington state-based acoustic rock group Gypsy Soul consists of the marital and professional duo of Canadian-American singer/lyricist Cilette Swann and Scottish musician/producer Roman Morykit. They met in 1991 after Swann had gone to Europe to investigate her Celtic roots and spent a few years singing in French jazz clubs, then took her search to Scotland, where she played in a band with Morykit's older brother. Cabana Boy Records released their debut album, Test of Time, in 1996. Sanctuary, their second album, followed on Off the Beaten Track Recordings on July 7, 1998. Sacred, a Christmas album, was issued two months later. Their performance of the song "Czardasz" was chosen for inclusion on French DJ Claude Challe's Lover-Dose album in 2000, and the same year they released their fourth album, Superstition Highway. The Journey, their fifth album, was released on WorldSound on September 24, 2002. A second Christmas collection, Amazing Grace, came out on November 5, 2002. Their seventh album, One Beautiful Night (June 2004), was a live recording issued by Off the Beaten Track. In April 2007, they released their eighth album, Beneath the Covers: A Rediscovery, on which they presented their renditions of songs by U2, the Moody Blues, Chris Isaak, Stevie Wonder, the Beatles, Daniel Lanois, and John Denver, along with some originals. Together, their independently released albums had sold nearly 100,000 copies by 2007, and their music had been heard more than 100 times in films and on television series including Providence, Felicity, Roswell, After Sex, Quicksand, and The Young and the Restless. ~ William Ruhlmann