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About Heatwave

Heatwave were a British rock and pop group formed in London in 1969. Initially formed as a quartet by John Fellows (bass/vocals), Terry Shea (rhythm guitar/vocals), Richard Steen (lead guitar/vocals), and Martin Samuel (drums/pyrotechnics), the band put an emphasis on pop harmonies and tight dance beats and spent their early days covering popular songs of the day in local clubs. After signing with the Johnny Edward Entertainment Agency, they increased their range by recruiting new lead vocalist Peter Allatt via an ad in Melody Maker to complete their lineup. They built a sizable following playing one-night stands around Britain at venues like The Pheasantry in London and Liverpool's famous Cavern Club, as well as opening for larger groups. After appearing on Terry Wogan's BBC show, they were invited back to record for Dave Cash, Kenny Everett, Jimmy Young, and various other Radio One shows. By this point they had incorporated a number of originals into their sets and in November 1970, they released their debut single "Sister Simon (Funny Man)" backed with "Rastus Ravel (Is a Mean Old Man)" on Larry Page's Penny Farthing label. Both songs were penned by Johnny Edwards and featured British backup singers the Ladybirds as well as Rick Wakeman on piano. By 1971, Fellows and Samuel had left the group, essentially ending Heatwave's brief career. A final reunion show was played in 1980, after which the officially disbanded. ~ Timothy Monger