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Heroin were one of the defining innovators in early '90s hardcore. The first 7" record by the band, released in 1991, also marked the first release for upstart label Gravity Records. Operating out of San Diego, CA, Gravity was soon to be one of the preeminent representatives of the '90s emo vanguard. Interesting, innovative, mysterious, and somewhat pretentious in presentation, Heroin made amazingly dynamic landscapes out of one minute blasts of noisy vitriol.

While Heroin's influence may be substantial, the back catalog left behind is not. Nearly two years after the initial 7" release, the sole full-length release and final album from the band was offered up in 1993. Matt Anderson went on to engineer and occasionally perform on several releases with artists such as A Minor Forest, Angel Hair, Kari Bunn, and Mohinder. Ron Avila kept hangin' tough with Antioch Arrow, Final Conflict, and Get Hustle. ~ Paul Kott

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