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Named after the Bob Dylan song "The Ballad of Hollis Brown," New York City-based Hollis Brown (a band, not a person) play a tight, sparse, rocking version of classic rock. Their richly melodic songs mix pop songcraft with a rootsy blend of blues and country, performed with warmth, quiet passion, and a naturalistic attack that suggests a point where Tom Petty and the Band might have crossed paths. The timeless feel of their music has been consistent throughout their body of recorded work, but they haven't been afraid to experiment. On 2014's Hollis Brown Gets Loaded, they covered the Velvet Underground's classic 1970 album Loaded in full, and on 2015's 3 Shots, they incorporated a previously unused and unheard guitar track by Bo Diddley in their song "Rain Dance."
Led by the songwriting of Mike Montali (vocals and guitar) and Jon Bonilla (guitar), and with a taut rhythm section of Mike Wosczyk (bass) and Mike Graves (drums and percussion), Hollis Brown released a debut EP, Nothing & the Famous No One, in 2012, and followed it with a full-length album, Ride on the Train, early in 2013. By the following year, Hollis Brown had settled into a lineup of Montali, Bonilla, Adam Bock (keys), Dillon DeVito (bass), and Andrew Zahnal (drums), and they released Gets Loaded, a rootsy, track-for-track re-imagining of the Velvet Underground's classic 1970 album Loaded. That same year, their song "When the Weather's Warm" was featured in the Matt Dillon-Willem Dafoe crime drama Bad Country. Chasing a bigger sound, they brought in John Agnello to mix their next studio LP, the passionately organic 3 Shots, which arrived on Jullian Records in the spring of 2015.
For Record Store Day 2016, the band brought out a limited-edition six-song EP, Cluster of Pearls, which appeared on vinyl in a special "Starburst" color pressing. The same year, they also treated fans with a special four-song digital EP, Audiotree Live. After striking a new record deal with Cool Green Recordings, part of the Mascot Label Group, Hollis Brown emerged from the studio with their fifth full-length album, 2019's Ozone Park.

~ Steve Leggett & Marcy Donelson

New York, NY

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