Nervy indie pop trio Ian Sweet began as the solo vehicle for singer, songwriter, and guitarist Jilian Medford. While still living in Boston, Medford had been recording and performing as a solo artist under the moniker Ian, an old high school nickname bestowed upon her by her skater friends. A last minute cancellation by a touring drummer in 2014 led her to work with Tim Cheney, with whom she quickly forged a creative connection and burgeoning friendship. By the time she recruited bassist Damien Scalise, the project had evolved from a solo endeavor to a trio, and they adopted the new name Ian Sweet. Musically complex, yet undeniably hooky, Medford's songs confronted themes of anxiety and panic with bright-toned guitar pop and references to Nickelodeon's Slime Time Live, Michael Jordan, and skateboarding. After settling in Brooklyn, the group signed with Hardly Art and released their self-titled debut EP in the summer of 2016. It was followed a few months later by Shapeshifter, their full-length debut.

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