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About Soledad

Argentinean folk singer Soledad, also known as La Sole, was born in the bosom of a working class family in the small town of Arequito. As a child, Soledad Pastorutti used to sing traditional songs and recite poems. She started playing keyboards at a very young age and soon learned how to play guitar along with her sister Natalia. Soledad was mostly influenced by her father, Amar Pastorutti, who used to listen to local folklore, especially Atahualpa Yupanqui. The young artist participated in Cesar Isella's peña, a place where folk singer/songwriters share a single stage in front of a small audience, before getting involved in a major event. In 1996, Soledad made her debut at Cosquin's National Folklore Festival, releasing her first album called Poncho Al Viento, that same year. ~ Drago Bonacich

Arequito, Argentina
Oct 12, 1980

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