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German minimalist pop group Fotos formed in Hamburg in 2005. Within five months of their first rehearsal, Fotos (Thomas Hessler -- vocals, Deniz Erarslan -- guitar, Frieder Weiss -- bass, and Benedikt Schnermann -- drums) had recorded tracks for their first album, and the buzz built by the songs led to a bidding war by major labels. In 2006, Fotos finally decided on the offer from EMI, and together the new partnership released the band's debut self-titled album in September of that same year. The band found themselves promoting their work on the road soon after, playing nearly 150 shows. In 2007, Fotos managed to score gigs outside of the German-speaking world, playing two shows in Paris. The French fell for the Fotos' charms, and the band returned to tour that nation in early 2008. Their second album was due in spring of 2008, and was to be followed by an appearance at the 2008 Midi Music Festival. ~ Chris True