Matti ja Teppo

A pair of brothers hailing from Turku, Finland, Matti ja Teppo (Matti & Teppo) were born Matti and Teppo Ruohonen on August 8, 1949, and March 1, 1948, respectively. The two began performing together locally as children, and released their first album, Matti ja Teppo, in 1972. From there, Matti ja Teppo would go on to release nearly 30 albums and nine compilations of their work, as well as becoming a bit of an institution in their native Finland. Early on, they also formed their own record company, called M&R Productions. In 2004, the duo released its 35th anniversary collection, in addition to that year's holiday collection, Christmas Time. The pair continued its successes into 2008, with that year's Satoi Tai Paistoi peaking at number seven on the Finnish album charts. ~ Chris True


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