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Evangelista is one in a growing series of musical projects founded upon the talents of singer, composer, and instrumentalist Carla Bozulich. Following the dissolution of Scarnella, her short-lived duo with guitarist Nels Cline (who'd previously worked with her in the Geraldine Fibbers) and Bozulich's solo debut with her reverent but wildly idiosyncratic interpretation of Willie Nelson's classic album Red Headed Stranger, Bozulich traveled to Montreal to work on an album for Constellation Records, with Shahzad Ismaily helping to produce and arrange the sessions and members of A Silver Mt. Zion among the backing musicians. Released in 2006, the finished product was called Evangelista, and Bozulich launched an international tour in support of the album; joining Bozulich for these shows was bassist Tara Barnes, along with many of the artists who worked with Bozulich during the recording sessions. Bozulich and Barnes began writing material together, and when it came time to make her next album, she opted to give their collaborative work a name of its own, Evangelista. Bozulich and Barnes returned to Montreal to work with many of the same musicians who had appeared on the earlier album, and Constellation released Evangelista's Hello, Voyager in the spring of 2008. The band veered into even darker, less structured territory on 2009's Prince of Truth. Bozulich toured with Evangelista following the album's release. She left her Los Angeles home and took up a nomadic existence, traveling, writing, and recording in different locations with a wide array of musicians, using conventional song forms to open up to wider, more experimental musical vistas. The end result of that period resulted in Evangelista's fourth album, In Animal Tongue, which was also released by Constellation in September of 2011.~ Mark Deming

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