Choosing to go only by his middle name for his professional recording career, Fabian Isadar Thibodeaux first began piano lessons at age five. In junior high school, Isadar's interests switched to woodwinds, but he rediscovered his original instrument at 17 and decided to stick with it. While studying at the University of Louisiana, Isadar began working on songs that would later be released on his 1997 release, Dream of the Dead, which was strongly inspired by Kate Bush's The Dreaming. However, Isadar's musical interests were not limited to pop. He was also influenced by Windham Hill-style instrumentals, and his first album, Near the Edge of the Light, was a collection of piano solos. From 1995-1998 Isadar took a break from recording, but in 1999 he issued two albums, Active Imagination and In Search of the Meaning of Christmas, both of which had been recorded back to back in a day's session. In 2000 The Journey came out, and in 2003 The Purple Heart, improvisational piano music dedicated to the victims of 9/11, was released. The next year's record, Lessons in Love, saw a return to the pop found on Dream of the Dead, as did 2005's Private Property. In 2006 Isadar issued Elevations: Electronic Soundscapes. ~ Marisa Brown

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