Jago, a duo comprised of two brothers, expanded the reach of their danceclub pop far beyond their native South Africa in the early 2000s. Carl and Donovan Jago were born into a musical family in Durban, South Africa, and grew up to become quite accomplished musicians. The duo writes, arranges, and produces its own music, as well as sings the vocals. They signed to TVI Records & Filmworks, an American dance label based in Florida that went on to release the duo's debut album, Anything & Everything. The album consisted of music that synthesized electronica (specifically candy-coated progressive trance) with elements of sugary pop, resulting in a diverse array of clubby pop songs, some of them veering toward balladry ("Fireflies," "Wishful Thinking [Chloe]"), while others were firmly oriented toward the dancefloor (the lead single, "Dream," and its remixes). ~ Jason Birchmeier

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