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About James Wesley

Country singer/songwriter James Wesley was born and raised in Mound Valley, Kansas. Originally signed to Warner Bros. in 1999 as James Prosser, he released one album (Life Goes On) before adopting the Wesley moniker. After relocating to Nashville, Wesley hooked up with songwriter Rodney Clawson and producer Dan Frizsell, inked a deal with Broken Bow Records, and released the single "Jackson Hole." The song debuted at number 54 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, and was followed in 2010 by a second single, "Real." In 2011, he found a new level of exposure when he was the opening act for two weeks of superstar Taylor Swift's Speak Now tour. Continued touring and more singles followed in anticipation of the much-delayed Wesley debut album, Real, including "Hooked Up," which appeared in the summer of 2015. ~ James Christopher Monger & Marcy Donelson

Mound Valley, Kansas