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About Jason Luckett

Born in Hawaii but raised in Los Angeles, singer/songwriter Jason Luckett used his bizarre experiences in the area (and unstable family life) to craft a career based around a concept he calls Groovy Acoustic Soul. A passionate, soulful slab of folk rock, this musical hybrid began building a buzz in the area when Luckett released his debut record, J Masala Griot, in 1993. A little-heard release, its tiny distribution did little to deter him from continuing and 1996's Suicide, or Celebration? became the first significant independent album from Luckett. He recorded Distil the following year but took the next few years to further establish his presence in small venues and coffee houses around the Pacific. Returning to the studio in 2000, Living Room became his next album, and it started digging further into his personal ideals and situations as he refined his songwriting skills. In 2002, the slightly political Arrogance Procrastination Fear Humility followed. ~ Bradley Torreano